George Orwell Festival 2012 calls for more volunteers

The George Orwell Festival 2012 (20th-23rd September 2012) is calling
for volunteers who can contribute time and expertise to help make the
2012 venture as successful as last year’s inaugural event. The
Festival is inviting people with an interest in the best-selling
author of classics like Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four to join
the organising committee. The George Orwell Festival 2012 is not
primarily a ‘literary’ event – it covers a broader range of interests
and activities. The Festival Committee would like to hear from
interested individuals willing to attend monthly evening meetings (of
about 90 minutes) at David’s Bookshop (Eastcheap, LGC) and be willing
to assist with the preparations in the run-up to the September 2012
event. Experience of organising similar community events would, of
course, be an asset. The Festival would also be pleased to hear from
people with Web and Internet skills who could help keep the 2012
Festival website updated. Even help with basic admin would be welcome.
If you are interested in getting involved contact:
Richard Hallmark, committee chair: 0790 3602078. Email:

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