TB and George Orwell

George Orwell suffered for some years and died from tuberculosis at University College Hospital.  Since then there have been substantial advances in medical treatment and care for those with the disease.

TBAlert is the national UK charity fighting against this killer disease.
For more information visit their website
They say:

Tuberculosis is the disease that never did really go away.
In the UK…

  • TB never went away in the UK and numbers have been rising since 1987.  Cases in London have doubled in the past decade.  Because many people (even some doctors) believe TB to be a disease of the past, patients can go undiagnosed for too long – leading to complications and further infection of family, colleagues and friends.
  • In the UK around 400 people die of TB each year, generally because of very late diagnosis or complicating factors of other illnesses.
  • There are more new diagnoses of TB in the UK each year than new diagnoses of HIV.
  • TB cannot be controlled in the UK unless it is controlled worldwide


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