Past events

At the 2011 Festival the principal events were:

09 September: Festival opening - John Bird
09 September: performance – ‘Animal Farm’ 
10 & 11-17 September: Art With A Message
12 September: The Road to Wigan Pier Revisited (Stephen Armstrong)
13 September: Orwell In The Soviet Union (Vitali Vitaliev)
14 September: Big Brother Goes Digital
15 September: An Evening of Orwell-themed Poetry (Poetry id)
16 September: The Orwell Debate – What Would Orwell Be Writing Today ?
17 September: Burmese Times

17 September: Cartoons and Satire in Modern Journalism  Steve Bell of The Guardian
17 September: Symposium: What Did George Orwell Ever Do For Us? - The Impact of George Orwell on Popular Culture
17 September: The Secret Policeman’s Ball (Amnesty International)
18 September: Homage to Orwell in Catalonia
18 September: performance – ‘The Last Man In Europe’ by Michael McEvoy
22 and 23 September: The Orwell Tours and Walks around Wallington

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