The Festival has a steering committee of enthusiastic men and women, of different backgrounds and interest but all with a passion not just to George Orwell as a great writer but to the legacy he has given us in his ideas and vision.  The Festival is seen as a great way to promote the thinking that challenges the conventional patterns that suit the powerful vested interests in modern society.

The festival will encourage controversy, radical alternatives, non-conformist approaches and anything that stirs people out of their ready acceptance that the world is if not the best of all possible worlds at least an one that is near enough acceptable.  Comfort is not what this festival is going to be about….

Our Statement Of Intent for the Festival can be read in full here. or as a pdf file which you can save or download.

If you want to know more, feel that you could contribute, have questions or comments, please get in touch now.

We are looking for people to join us, with any or no particular skill or experience. For many this could be a valuable learning experience.
Enthusiasm and interest in what it is all about are the critical factors. The level of commitment is not as big as you may imagine – the time and energy required will depend on what you are able and willing to commit to and may not be at the same level all the time.

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