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There are many sites with much information, and we do not intend to compete or replicate what they do.  That seems pointless to us.  But we are happy to refer people to some of the best and most authoritative.  Such as The Orwell Prize and The Orwell Society.  These sites not only have a lot of information but also links to other relevant sources of information, archives and discussions.

If there is a particular website, or a page on a website which you think would be relevant and interesting to connect to here, please post the details (link address) and a comment about it below.


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  1. Simon Maddison says:

    Orwell’s London
    Interesting article here by Gordon Bowker:

  2. Simon Maddison says:

    12 photos of Orwell here including one of him at ILP Summer School in Letchworth, 1937. Probably at St Chris’ – not that you can recognise the surroundings.

  3. Simon Maddison says:

    You Tube has lots of interesting videos:
    George Orwell Part 1- 6 documentary by Malcolm Hossick
    The Real George Orwell again in parts a South Bank show from 2003 by D J Taylor
    George Orwell A life in Pictures where Christopher Langham plays Orwell originally shown on the BBC.
    All these have great documentary newsreal footage and archive photos (unfortunately the first has very irritating music!)
    Also Oxford 2009 Richard Blair in conversation with D J Taylor

  4. Simon Maddison says:

    Orwell Photos
    I forgot the link! Here it is: http://orwell.ru/bio/gallery/english/eg_001
    there are 14 sets of photos here.

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