Sunday 23 September: The Orwell Tour and Walk around Wallington with tea and refreshments.

Starts at 2.30 at the Village Hall Wallington SG7 6SP
The walk is free and there is no need to book, although  a small charge will be made for the refreshments at the end of the tour and all donations to the church fund will be appreciated.

Copies of  Orwell in Wallington and other booklets written by local historians will be on sale at the church.

The house, called “The Stores”, that Orwell lived in, with Eileen, is not available to visit, as it remains in private ownership.  It can be seen from the road across its small cottage garden.  The village church, St. Mary’s, is a fine old church with some unique and fascinating features and well worth a visit in its own right.  Orwell was married there to Eileen O’Shaughnessy and a copy of his marriage “lines” can be obtained there too.

For all walking events, children should be accompanied, wear sensible clothing and shoes

For walks in the village on other days and at other times, see below

Getting to Wallington
There are no buses to Wallington.  The nearest station is Baldock, and Letchworth slightly further.  There are taxis available at the taxi ranks at the stations, and by telephone.  Click here for details of taxi firms in the area.
If you have a car you can drive, from Letchworth, follow the signs to Baldock, then from Baldock follow the sign to Royston out of town and at the roundabout over the A505 go straight over, following the sign to Wallington, which is only a short distance up the road on the crest of the hill ahead of you.

Those going on the walk will be interested in the talk given by Keith Armstrong at David’s Bookshop on Saturday evening. The subject is Jack Common, a friend of Orwell’s, who gave valuable advice in setting up the village stores and looked after it (and the goats) during his absence. Also in attendance will be Jack’s son Peter who is looking forward to seeing the cottage where he spent part of his childhood. click here for details.

Walks in Wallington on other days and at other times
You are welcome to visit Wallington , to enjoy the beautiful countryside, that so inspired George Orwell, and is reflected in his writings, to walk past the house where he lived called
The Stores.  You cannot go into the house which is privately owned and the owners’ privacy should be respected. 

Included in the walk will be a visit to The Great Barn which is not normally open to members of the public. However thanks to the kind co-operation of the owner, those taking the tour will be able to see the inspiration for Animal Farm. It is here the animals’ revolution took place and featured the famous slogans  “All animals are equal” and  “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.”

You will also visit the church where you can see some ancient graffiti and some ancient and venerable tombs and inscriptions, and there you can buy a copy of the marriage lines of George and Eileen, and the books produced in the village about Orwell and local history.

For the guided tour by a local historian with a fund of local stories and colour, you will need to join the tour organised for Sunday 23 September (details above). You will end the tour with a delicious cream tea at the village hall.  Enjoy!

Orwell Diaries (from the Orwell Prize site)
Wikipedia on Wallington

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